Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DOG Aviation in the news!

Today, DOG Aviation founder and CEO JohnG officially announced Delusions Of Grandeur are on his mind. Interviews have revealed John’s strategy for fabrication of a Van’s RV-12 Light Sport aircraft.

Taking full advantage of the current economic downturn, DOG Aviation has made an outlay of capital and procured its new headquarters and production facility. Making its paw print in northeast Ohio, DOG Aviation is expected to produce its first aircraft in mid 2013. Work is scheduled to get underway preparing the facility for the first shipment of raw aircraft materials expected shortly after Spring thaw.  Orders for specialty tools are being finalized and building materials are being procured for the fabrication of workbenches and power tool stations.

Although limited in space, the production facility is expected to be suitable for construction of all the major airframe components of the Van’s RV-12.  Unfortunately, the facility will not accommodate the final assembly of the RV-12, thus necessitating a move to a larger assembly area at some point prior to the beginning of flight testing.  

DOG Aviation headquarters and production facility.
Do I see the makings of a spray booth?

In this part of the country, the unseasonably mild winter weather we have been experiencing has lulled many (myself included) into thinking spring may just about be here ... NOT!  Moments after the above photo was taken it began snowing ... a cruel reminder and reality check that it is still winter in Ohio. Cold temperatures and snow are in the forecast for the next few days and will undoubtedly affect preparations at DOG Aviation for readiness when the first of the RV-12 parts are delivered.