Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dynon Autopilot Pitch Servo Motor Installed

After being out of town for quite a while playing in the snow with friend Bernie’s snowmobile (thanks Bernie … it was a blast!), just had to brave the blizzard conditions and spend some time at the hangar. Didn’t have a lot of time before the game, so decided to finish up with the autopilot servo instillation … so prepared the Dynon SV32 pitch servo motor wiring for instillation.

Just as with the roll servo, the Dynon SV32 pitch servo needs to have its wires trimmed to 7" then have .093" female Molex connector pins crimped onto the wires. The Molex connector pins were prepared using the techniques discussed in the previous post for the roll servo … pins cut, trimmed, tabs bent up, the 22 gauge servo motor wires stripped long and doubled back on itself prior to being inserted into the female Molex pin for crimping.
Using a pair of flat nose pliers to bend the tabs on the Molex connector pin up to form a “U” prior to using the pin for crimping.
Crimping female Molex connector pins onto the pitch servo wires using the Tool Aid crimping tool.

After all the pitch servo motor wires had connector pins crimped onto the wire ends, the wires were inserted into the Molex connector housing. Prior to inserting the wires into the connector, feel it is a good idea to run my thumb nail under the locking tangs to spread them out a little more. This insures a positive lock when inserting the wire into the connector.
Servo motor with female connector pins attached ready for insertion into the nine pin Molex connector.
Inserting the first of the seven servo motor wires into the Molex connector.
The Dynon SV32 autopilot pitch servo motor with completed Molex connector ready for instillation.

Once the wiring connector was installed on the SV32 autopilot pitch servo motor’s wires, the F-1292 pitch servo pushrod was attached to the outer hole on the SV32 servo motor’s actuator arm per the plans. Physical instillation of the pitch servo motor is much easier than the roll servo motor because all the mounting hardware is in the open and easy to access. The plans call for using blue Loctite 242 on the mounting hardware which consists of one screw and three bolts.
The F-1292 pitch servo pushrod is attached onto the outer hole on the actuator arm and tightened using a torque wrench.
Tightening the single mounting screw to hold the pitch servo motor in position so the bolts can be easily installed next.
Torquing one of the Dynon SV32 autopilot pitch servo motor mounting bolts.
The Dynon autopilot pitch servo motor installed and ready for the wiring connectors to be attached to one another.

Stopped working at this point to head home to watch the game ... so will dress out the wiring during the next work session.