Thursday, March 22, 2012

RV-12 Tail Feathers Arrive!!!

Today DOG Aviation world headquarters accepted the first shipment of aircraft materials necessary to build the RV-12’s tail feathers and rear fuselage cone section.  

                                              First shipment of RV-12 parts ... the tail feathers arrive!

                                         Great customer service …. The FedEx driver was willing to
                                                 back the big rig down a long narrow driveway right up to the
                                                 DOG Aviation receiving bay. Good company .. great driver!
                                             DOG Aviation founder John keeping a watchful eye on the prize!

                                                   RV-12 empennage parts being wheeled into the receiving
                                                   bay at DOG Aviation assembly plant #1.

                                        CEO John signing bill of lading and taking delivery of the
                                                RV-12 empennage. Take note of how the truck takes up the entire
                                               driveway … watching a skilled big rig driver is a sight to behold!

Today’s delivery, which came earlier than expected, has created a sense of urgency for completing the fabrication of workbenches and power tool stations already in the process of being assembled. It will take a few more days of playing with sawdust before DOG Aviation’s assembly facility #1 will have all the work surfaces, tooling and storage necessary to tackle the RV-12 project.
Major modifications to the standard EAA workbench are under way which, if proven successful, should make it a joy to use for all phases of the build. If the mods work out well, detailed photos will be posted here for those of you that may be interested.