Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You can never predict the weather with certainty!

Because of concerns with the typical weather patterns in northeast Ohio, back in February when the RV-12 order was placed, Van’s Aircraft was requested to delay shipment of the empennage kit until March 19 to assure a delivery in the midst of spring thaw…. This, as it turns out, was not necessary. The winter temperatures overall have been amazingly mild thus far and March temperatures have been at least ten to fifteen degrees above average. I can still vividly remember local TV weather meteorologists saying “the coming winter is shaping up to be a carbon copy of the previous winter … cold cold temperatures and lots of snow”  I think the batteries were running a little low in their crystal balls. Gee, the empennage could have been almost half done by now.

The last few weeks have not gone totally underutilized at DOG Aviation … there has been a flurry of activity in both the Research and Procurement departments. Research has been busily devising pre-assembly process guidelines along with creating a list of tooling and supplies that will be necessary for assembly of the RV-12.  Procurement has initiated contact with numerous aviation vendors in an effort to contain expenditures while quickly obtaining all the necessary items to begin construction on time.

Vendors which have provided flawless quick service thus far have been Aircraft Spruce, Aircraft Tool Supply, Avery Tools, Brown Aviation Tool Supply, Cleaveland Aircraft Tools, Isham Inc, SkyGeeks and The Yard.

Next on the agenda ... the building of a couple of work benches on wheels. For those of you that may be interested in shop hardware, will post some photos when that task gets under way in the near future.

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