Sunday, November 19, 2017

Creating RV-12 Checklists For The Dynon SkyView – Part 6 of 8

Part 6: This post contains the text to create the following checklists:

Emergency Electrical Fire, Emergency Forced Landing, RV-12 Performance & Specifications, RV-12 POH V-Speeds.

As mentioned in Part 2, the beginning and end of each text list will be delineated by dashed lines as an aid for the reader interested in copying the lists. The first line in each list is the Title for the list and is to be copied/pasted into the appropriate line in “Checklist Titles” of the checklist creation tool … the remaining lines of text are the actual list and they need to be copied/pasted into either a simple text editor if making the checklist file manually or directly into the checklist creator tool in the cell associated with the title.

Return from the future 11/21/2017: There were a couple of spelling errors and redundant second lines in the lists first posted  two days ago. The spelling has been corrected. The redundant second lines have been removed where needed ... this was done because at the time the checklists were being made, I did not realize the SkyView displays the current checklist title being viewed at the top of the checklist screen. Those who have downloaded the text files prior to today may want to use these updated checklists.

An electrical fire is usually
indicated by an odor of hot or
burning insulation.

Electrical Switches – ALL OFF
Ignition Switches   – LEAVE ON
Air Vents           – OPEN for
   smoke removal & ventilation

Use hand fire extinguisher if

Land immediately or as soon as
practical if location for safe
landing is not available.

Maintain a higher and closer
pattern than normal attempt to
remain in gliding distance of
the intended touchdown point.
Use normal landing procedures
in addition:
Airspeed – 60 KIAS recommended
           55 KIAS minimum
Throttle – CLOSED when in
           gliding distance of
Flaps    – LOWER AS NEEDED to
           increase approach
           descent angle.
Slipping the aircraft by cross
controlling rudder & aileron
will increase descent both
with and without flaps. If a
crosswind exists, place the
lower wing into the wind.

If engine cannot be restarted
in flight trim the aircraft to
the recommended glide speed.
Airspeed – 63 KIAS(best glide)
         – 59 KIAS min rate
           of descent airspeed
Fuel Valve – SHUT/PULL UP
Flaps      – UP to maximize
             glide range
Radio      – MAYDAY 121.5 MHz
             or freq in use
Xponder    – 7700
Position aircraft approx. 1000
feet above ground (AGL) when
downwind and abeam intended
point of landing.
Ignition A     – SWITCH OFF
Ignition B     – SWITCH OFF
Final Approach – 55-60 KIAS
Flaps          – DOWN after
         landing point assured
Master Switch – OFF Just prior
                 to touchdown
Touchdown at minimum airspeed
particularly if rough terrain.

Span           –  26 ft 9 in
Length         –  20 ft 7 in
Height         –  8 ft 4 in
Wing Area      –  127 sq ft
Empty Weight   –  746 lb
Gross Weight   –  1320 lb
Wing Loading   –  10.4lb/sq ft
Power Loading  –  13.2 lb/hp
G Loading      –  +4.0g/-2.0g
Fuel Capacity  –  19.8 Gal
Unusable Fuel: Shallow Climbs,
Level, Descending Flight 0 Gal
Vx Climb:   3 Gallons Unusable
Climb       4 Gallons Unusable

Engine           Rotax 912 ULS
Displacement           1352 cc
Ignition     Ducati Double CDI
Carbs    Bing alt compensating
100 Hp @ 5800 RPM  (5 min max)
95 Hp @ 5500 RPM  (continuous)
Propeller Make – Sensenich 70"
Propeller Model– 2AOR5R70E

Top Speed             119 KIAS
Cruise 5500rpm 7500ft 117 KIAS
Cruise 5000rpm 7500ft 105 KIAS
Stall (flaps up)       41 KIAS
Take-off Distance       600 ft
Landing Distance        475 ft
Rate of Climb      1135 ft/min
Ceiling (estimated)  15,000 ft

PERFORMANCE @ Gross wt(1320lb)
Top Speed             117 KIAS
Cruise 5500rpm 7500ft 114 KIAS
Cruise 5000rpm 7500ft 101 KIAS
Stall (flaps up) Vs    45 KIAS
Stall (full flaps) Vso 41 KIAS
Take-off Distance       700 ft
Landing Distance        525 ft
Rate of Climb Vy    900 ft/min
Ceiling (estimated)  13,800 ft
*Range 5500rpm 7500ft   482 nm
*Range 5000rpm 7500ft   534 nm
*Range 5500rpm 7500ft   425 nm
        *(with 30 min reserve)

Stall @ gross weight –1320 lbs
   No Flaps    (Vs)  – 45 KIAS
   Flaps Down  (Vso) – 41 KIAS

Operating Maneuvering Speeds
 Weight 1320 lb (Va) – 90 KIAS
 Weight 850 lb  (Va) – 72 KIAS

Max Structural Cruise
              (Vno) – 108 KIAS

Flap Operating Range
 Flap Extend   (Vfe) – 82 KIAS
               (Vso) – 41 KIAS

Norm Operating Range
 Green Arc         45-108 KIAS

Caution Range
 Yellow Arc       108-136 KIAS

Never Exceed below 16,000 feet
 Red Line (Vne)     – 136 KIAS
                    – 136 KTAS

Max Direct Crosswind – 11 KIAS

Max Wind Limitation  – 30 KIAS

Cruse Climb          – 85 KIAS
Best Rate Climb (Vy) – 75 KIAS
Best Climb Angle (Vx)– 60 KIAS
Best Glide Dist.(Vbg)– 63 KIAS
Best Min. Sink (Vms) – 59 KIAS