Friday, February 8, 2013

DOG Aviation Receives Technical Councilor Evaluation

The Experimental Aircraft Association, of which I have been a long time member, strives to be proactive when safety is concerned.  The EAA offers its members a technical councilor program which is intended to improve the safety of amateur built aircraft. The idea is for builders to reach out and request their airplanes be inspected during various stages of construction by fellow EAA members who are, in many cases, aircraft matinance professionals.

Last week after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to contact a local EAA technical councilor, the search was expanded and I was finally able to contact a councilor and set up an inspection date. The inspection by Jim Strock, an EAA technical councilor who is a certified airframe and powerplant mechanic, was slated for late Wednesday morning at the DOG Aviation production facility. Being excited about inspecting an RV-12, Jim invited long time friend and fellow EAA technical councilor Don Gray, a counselor experienced in metal aircraft, to join him for the on site inspection.

Both Jim and Don spent a couple of hours asking construction questions, looking over the RV-12’s plans and inspecting the left wing currently being assembled as well as the finished tail cone. They also asked questions regarding construction techniques being used and verified that the proper tools and dies were utilized for countersinking and dimpling based on the type of rivets being used to assemble the RV-12.

Proud to report, both Jim and Don were favorably impressed with the quality of workmanship thus far ... both said to stay the course and keep up with all the good work.