Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seat Ribs Dimpled For Flush Rivets

The RV-12 has eight F-1215 seat ribs … four left and four right which needed to be placed into position on the bottom skin so rivet holes in the “no dimple zone” (defined in a previous post) could be identified and marked. In a nut shell, the outermost seat rib on each side of the fuselage (one W-1215R and one W-1215L) are the only seat ribs which will have all the holes in the bottom flange dimpled. The remaining three W-1215R and three W-1215L ribs will receive dimples in all the rivet holes on the bottom flange with the EXCEPTION of the three aft most holes which are within the “no dimple zone”.  Once all the ribs were marked, the bottom flanges were dimpled accordingly.
Dimpling the bottom flange on a W-1215R seat rib for flush rivets.
After dimpling the appropriate holes in the bottom flange of all the seat ribs, the components of the center section that show above the side skin doubler plate (mentioned in a previous post) were also dimpled as well as the center channel aft bulkhead.
Dimpling rivet holes of center channel components that are above the level of the side skin doubler plate.