Friday, June 27, 2014

All Roads Lead To Prep & Prime

At this point in the build everything that can be worked on to continue assembly of the RV-12 seemingly requires something to be primed. The rudder pedal assembly receives a wiring bracket during instillation … that bracket needs to be primed. The electrical connectors for the wings need to have their mounting brackets and cover plates primed so the connector instillation can be completed. The side skins could be installed now but one of the stiffeners that mates with the side skins needs to be primed.

To complete the wiring to the instrument panel, the tail cone needs to be installed so the electric trim motor wires can be run through the fuselage up to the panel  … but I’ve been dragging my feet on that knowing there has been a modification in the works for the tail cone at Van’s. That modification was just released earlier in the week and was immediately ordered by the DOG Aviation procurement department. That modification, which will be discussed in the coming days, consists of a stiffener rib that will be installed in the tail cone … of course, the rib also needs to be primed.

All roads lead to primer. That being the case, headed up to the hangar and retrieved most all of the parts that need primed except fuel tank components. Figure it’s time to deburr and prep a bunch of parts for primer to make the hassle of cleaning the HVLP spray gun worthwhile. Looks like the next few days will consist of deburring and preparing parts for a primer session later next week after the monsoons end.
Parts needing to be primed. Foreground left are parts holding up progress, foreground right are parts separated today on the band saw ready for deburring. Background is mostly cover panels and flooring ready for deburring.