Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Grand Opening!!!

It has been a few weeks now since the delivery of the empennage kit and assembly work is still not under way. However, the construction of the second “Transformer” high and low workbench is well under way and should be completed by the weekend despite the issue I am having with lumber purchased a couple of weeks ago twisting big time.

Our old neighbors from California decided to spend their spring break by visiting us … so being good hosts, we’ve been busy showing them some of the sights in Ohio. As a result, not much was accomplished for the last week except for doing the “Grand Opening” and inventory of the contents of the shipping crate.

                                              The Grand Opening… Michael on vacation from California did
                                              the honors of cutting the banding straps on the empennage crate.

                                              Parts and more parts. Amazing how well Van’s packs all the items.

                                                                          Inspecting parts.

                                            Michael checking off parts on the inventory sheets. Yep, all there.

                                                     As you can, see Van’s packs the crate with plenty of
                                                     protective wrap around the parts.

                                          While helping my friend Pete build his RV-9A we discovered leaving
                                          parts in the brown paper bags created a time sucking abyss during the
                                          build ... that is until parts bins were used. So while watching TV, all
                                          the small parts were sorted and placed into parts bins. Of note: Picked
                                          up a Dymo Rhino 4200 label maker which makes fast easy to peel labels.
                                          It can do various fonts and print sizes, multi line text on labels as well
                                          as print onto heat shrink tubing … which may come in handy labeling
                                          wiring runs.