Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Power Scotty!

It took far longer to iron out the details of the High-N-Low “Transformer” workbench than expected. If that wasn't bad enough, the opening of the empennage kit has been further delayed due to various issues which also required attention … the ever pleasant time of the year called tax season, assembly and setup of the band saw (unexpectedly needed for the workbench hinge cutouts), “fixing” the new air compressor prior to using it and discovery of the inadequacy of the electrical system at the DOG Aviation assembly facility. While constructing the first workbench, it became painfully clear adequate power was a major issue.  DOG Aviation maintenance got right on the problem and added three more power outlets inside the facility along with replacing a faulty electrical switch.

                                                  Purchased a Kobalt 30 gallon 110/220 volt air compressor
                                                  (made by Sanborn) and while checking it over, I noticed the
                                                  belt was not alligned correctly (bad camera angle, it was off
                                                  more than it appears in the photo) ... also note the pulley key
                                                  protruding from the end of the motor pulley. Great quality
                                                  control here! NOT!! The pulley was already a little beyond the
                                                  end of the motor shaft as it was, so I had to remove the pulley
                                                  and turn it around on the motor's shaft to enable getting the belt in
                                                  perfect alignment with the motor pulley fully seated on the shaft.