Friday, October 26, 2012

Airbrushing - Priming Finished Before The Storm

About four ounces of Akzo primer was left over from yesterday’s marathon priming session and was placed in the freezer to slow down the curing process. There was just not enough time left yesterday to finish up the priming of all the miscellaneous wing components so finished that up early today.

Used the Harbor Freight airbrush that gave me some trouble the first time I used it, but happy to report this time it worked great throughout almost three hours of priming. There were still plenty of small parts that needed priming … all twenty four ribs for the flaperons, the rib clips that were factory installed onto the wing main spar and a hand full of miscellaneous small parts. The airbrush did a great job of priming all the small parts … took a little time because of the small spray pattern but have to say, overall it worked great! As a result, with the exception of the flaperon spars and the wing skins, all the parts for both wings are primed and ready for assembly of the wing skeleton. The good news is everything was primed and dried before the temperatures began plummeting.

                                 Primed RV-12 wing parts everywhere at DOG Aviation … ready for assembly.

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