Thursday, October 18, 2012

RV-12 Rib Deburring Continues

After losing a days work due to replacing porch screening the cat decided to shred as part of a well executed escape plan, work continued today on deburring the RV-12’s wing ribs.

This has been the most monotonous task thus far … file the jagged edges left from the shearing process, smooth the edges the large file and 1” Scotch-brite wheel can’t reach with small diamond files, deburr with the 1” Scotch-brite wheel and set the rib aside for squaring rib flanges prior to fluting. It is a slow process and the pile never seems to end … but progress is being made because two of the three bundles of ribs are now fully deburred.

Took a close up photo of two ribs close together to illustrate the jagged edges I’ve mentioned here and in a previous post. The jagged edges are not always at the same locations ... usually they are close to the rivet hole, sometimes they are located at the valley between the rivet holes and sometimes between the peak and the valley.
                  View of two ribs next to one another but offset to illustrate more clearly all the jagged edges
                  that require special attention. Clicking on the photo above will make it easier to see the jagged edges.

Originally, the plan was to only do the ribs for one wing then begin working on the components for the next wing. However the weather is changing here, so I feel an urgency to complete all the ribs so there is a better chance of priming them all before the temperatures prohibits the proper application of the epoxy primer. The AKZO primer data sheet suggests 59 degrees at the low end and there won’t be many more 60 degree days after next week if it is a typical winter this year.