Thursday, November 29, 2012

Countersinking Left Wing Spar Continues

Another late afternoon start resulted in not much forward progress on the left wing spar.  However, that said, the spar was rearranged today to make the countersinking process go easier. Yesterday, the spar was placed on edge vertically while countersinking … but after countersinking a few holes, decided it may be best to try laying the spar horizontally. So the spar was propped up on a few 2X4 scraps to protect the rib mounting tabs in the hopes it would allow for better control of the countersink cage. This position proved to be a good move and offered much better control of the countersink cage.
               Left spar propped up horizontally on 2X4 scraps offering much better control during countersinking.

While using the countersink cage, discovered for some reason starting and stopping the countersink bit by pulsing the drill trigger while applying steady pressure on the drill seems to  cut the countersink faster than just leaving the countersink bit steadily rotating.  This phenomenon was discovered during the last few holes countersunk today, so will have to evaluate that further tomorrow.