Friday, November 2, 2012

W-1210 Ribs Receive Preassembly Attention

Work continues doing the final preparations on the ribs before the wing skeleton assembly begins. The plans call for selecting a W-1210 left and right rib that have had the forward flange removed. The ribs are to be matched drilled to the W-1210B doubler plates. Once the ribs are matched drilled, they are deburred and then the doubler plates are riveted onto the ribs. The plans call for LP4-3 pop rivets but I used AN470AD4-4 solid rivets to attach the doublers onto the ribs.
                                                Match drilling a W-1210-R rib to the W-1210B-R doubler plate.
                       Front and back of the two W-1210 ribs that have had the W-1210B doubler plates riveted in place.

The next step in the plans call for selecting two W-1210-R and two W-1210-L ribs which will be match drilled to the flaperon hinge bracket assemblies.
                        Match drilling one of the W-1210 ribs to the W-1216 flaperon hinge bracket assemblies.
                                      All four of the W-1210 ribs match drilled to the W-1216 flaperon hinge
                                      bracket assemblies ... final riveting will occur during wing assembly.

If one looks closely, I purposely riveted the hinge brackets last week or so in such manner as to have the rivet’s manufactured heads on the inboard flaperon hinges face inboard and the manufactured head of the outboard hinges to face outboard. There was nothing in the plans mentioning this, but I thought it would ultimately look nicer that way.