Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sparing Partners

Both the flaperon spars are identical so there is not a left and right to keep track of ... which makes life a little easier in the shop. Both spars needed deburred along the edges of the flanges with a file and then fine tuned with the 1” Scotch-brite wheel on the pneumatic grinder.
           Using the pneumatic grinder with a 1” Scotch-brite wheel to smooth the edges of one of the flaperon spars.

In addition to deburring both long flange edges on each of the A-1203 flaperon spars, each spar requires plenty of extra work in the form of deburring the multitude of lightening holes on each spar. Both spars are now ready for dimpling and priming one day next week.
                                           I won the sparing match with my sparing partners …. both flaperon
                                           spars are completely deburred and now ready for dimpling and primer.

There was a hope of having one of the spars dimpled today but a late morning start coupled with deburring taking longer than expected (it always does) dashed all hopes of dimpling today because I need to take a trip down to the “southern outpost” to winterize … and while there pick up a few tools, propane tank and some items that may come in handy later on the RV-12 project.