Saturday, December 8, 2012

Left Wing Spar Receives More Ribs

It has been a sad week at DOG Aviation dealing with the loss of Jan’s brother-in-law Jim, a beloved family member who will be sorely missed. Needless to say, not much time was spent in the shop the last few days but did manage to continue attaching a few more ribs onto the left spar today.
                                               Continuing the attachment of W-1210-R ribs onto the left wing.
                                    Attaching the lone W-1210-L rib onto the left wing spar’s inner most rib clip.

My friend Bernie swung by this afternoon to see how the project was going so he was recruited to  add another rib onto the left spar before calling it quits for the day. Now there are only two aft ribs remaining to be riveted.
Bernie trying out the pneumatic riveter by setting a few of the rivets attaching the W-1210-R ribs onto the left spar.

Ten of the twelve W-1210-R aft ribs are now riveted onto the left spar along with the lone W-1210-L rib which is the inboard most rib. Should be able to attach the remaining two aft ribs tomorrow and possibly begin working on the nose ribs.