Friday, December 14, 2012

Riveting The First W-1208-R Nose Rib With An Aft Flange

Once determining the aft flanges of the W-1208-R ribs can be riveted using solid rivets, the rivet gauge was used to determine which size solid rivet would be an acceptable choice … 4-6 rivets were a little short and a 4-7 rivet is ever so slightly long so I went with the rivet closest to the perfect fit, which was the AN470AD4-7 rivet.

Due to the second funeral this week for a family member, only worked in the shop a little while this morning … really only enough time to completely rivet one of the W-1208-R nose ribs with and aft flange and take a photo of the riveting. Bucking bar access was acceptable … so in addition to using solid rivets to secure the nose rib to the rib clips, the aft flange of the nose rib received four AN470AD4-7 solid rivets in the place of LP4-3 pop rivets. The aft flange rivets required the use of the rivet gun and bucking bar because the pneumatic squeezer could not reach the rivets.
                                       Using a rivet gun and bucking bar to set AN470AD4-7 rivets attaching
                                       the aft flange of the W-1208-R nose ribs onto the left wing spar.