Sunday, December 9, 2012

Riveting Of W-1210 Aft Ribs Onto Left Spar Completed

The riveting the remaining two W-1210 aft ribs onto the left wing spar was the first order of business today and was completed in short order this morning.  I felt good about being able to attach the W-1210 aft ribs onto the left spar using almost entirely solid rivets … in fact, of the 84 rivets, only one is a LP4-3 pop rivet and that rivet is on the inboard rib doubler where it is one of 12 rivets.
                                       The RV-12’s left wing spar with all the W-1210 aft ribs riveted in place.

The left aft spar is temporally attached to the W-1210 aft ribs so the flange on the inner most rib can be match drilled to the aft spar’s flaperon hinge assembly. Two of the holes on the rib’s aft flange already match two holes on the flaperon hinge assembly so they are clecoed to hold the alignment while the remaining two holes in the aft spar’s flaperon hinge are used as templates to drill the remaining two holes into the inner rib’s aft flange.
                                   Match drilling the left wing’s aft spar flaperon hinge to the W-1210-L inner rib.

Did not have much time today do accomplish more, so hopefully tomorrow the rear spar will get deburred and subsequently riveted onto the aft flanges of the W-1210 ribs.