Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mental Pause

Those following the Blog will notice there have been a few days of non activity since the wing skeleton was completed. This is due in part to waiting for materials needed to move forward, coupled with a bit of a mental pause on my part.

After finishing the left wing skeleton, the next steps in the plans regarding instillation of components for the stall warning indicator were quickly perused to see what would be involved. My eye caught two items which placed the brakes on the build… the first was Locktite 243 thread sealant which the DOG Aviation procurement department desperately tried locating locally, to no avail I might add, so an online order was placed.

The second item was a reference to machine countersinking two screw holes in a mounting plate for #4 screws. A moment of total mental pause!!!  Countersink for #4 screws?? … The procurement department never ordered a countersink bit for #4 screws!! Build time was now diverted to research time to find a vendor for #4 countersink bits plus another side issue I’ll mention later. (Cleaveland Aircraft Parts does carry them).

The moment of clarity … Yes, I would have needed to wait for the Locktite 243 anyway but after SLOWLY rereading the instructions, the first step is to final drill the mounting plate screw holes to #30 …. DUH!! Don’t need a special countersink bit for #4 screws, I can use the countersink bit with the #30 tip I already have. Issue solved.