Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Early Christmas At DOG Aviation

Don’t believe I’ve mentioned this before but I understand the shipping crates Van’s packs their aircraft components in are made by a blind carpenter. When you see how well built the crates are, you just have to scratch your head and wonder how such a well built crate could be built by a blind person … it’s amazing.

Opening the RV-12 fuselage crate seems like Christmas in June at DOG Aviation. The screws securing the lid to the crate were removed and the top was slid off reveling yet another well packed crate from Van's Aircraft.
Photo of the RV-12 fuselage shipping crate with the lid removed reveals the well packed contents with two large envelopes … the envelope with the fuselage drawings on the left and the inventory packing list on the right.

Van’s wrapping paper, being mostly white, isn’t very Christmassy looking, but that was overlooked as the filler paper was removed from the crate and the parts bundles were carefully unwrapped revealing the RV-12's  fuselage goodies. As with the previous kits, there are quite a few sub kits containing multiple pieces which are wrapped together in plastic wrap.
All of the lose parts and bundles without all the wrapping paper … skins are on the bottom under the cardboard.
Did not begin the actual inventory today, but did place the fuselage’s instructions into the plan book and paged through the plans. There is a lot going on in the fuselage and it will take some time to review the plans more to get a good feel for what and when to dimple for the flush rivets being used on the RV-12 … there is some serious homework to do.