Friday, June 7, 2013

RV-12 Fuselage Kit Inventory Completed Kudos To Van’s

Wow! Inventorying the RV-12’s fuselage kit takes a little time, but has finally been completed. As far as the sheer number of parts goes, the RV-12’s fuselage kit is by far the biggest kit thus far.  The parts count, (not including well over a thousand rivets) is over 1,350 components and that count does not include a couple of extra sub kits such as the auto pilot kit which contains mounting brackets, small amounts of hardware and rivets.

It amazes me that out of all those parts, nothing appears damaged and only three small grommets were missing from one of the paper bags. A call to Van’s to report the missing grommets revealed, by way of the date code, the bag was filled by a trainee on that day …. oh, so close to perfection. The missing grommets are on the way.

Even though there are a few grommets missing, kudos to Van’s for an amazing job of amassing and safely shipping that many parts virtually flawlessly.