Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baggage Bulkhead Modification Completed

Today the finishing touches were put on the vertical and horizontal angle pieces for the baggage bulkhead modification. The #19 holes drilled into the F-1207F bulkhead adjacent to the horizontal and vertical cuts were dimpled for #8 Screws and the mounting holes in the horizontal angle for the K1100-8 nutplates were also dimpled … along with all the nutplates.

The last part of the baggage bulkhead modification consists of an optional stiffener. I’m installing the stiffener which will sit above the horizontal cut made in the corrugated F-1207F bulkhead cover. The stiffener is angle aluminum that has a slight taper for weight savings. Enlarging the photo below, the taper can be easily seen. Hole positions were marked and the stiffener was drilled to #40 first … then the stiffener was positioned on the F-1207F bulkhead cover and match drilled onto the F-1207F bulkhead cover, followed by final drilling to #30.
Match drilling #40 the optional baggage bulkhead stiffener to the corrugated F-1207F bulkhead cover.

Today’s work session completed the fabricating, cutting, deburring, drilling and dimpling of parts for the baggage bulkhead modification. By the time the finishing touches were made to the parts, it was a little to late to prime parts today. Hopefully, I can get at it early tomorrow and get some primer sprayed before heading to Oshkosh for AirVenture.