Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Modification Cuts To F-1207F Bulkhead Completed

Bernie came by yesterday and it was perfect timing ... in that he was able to hold the newly fabricated horizontal angle for the baggage bulkhead modification in place while I match drilled it into the F-1207F baggage bulkhead cover. All but the two holes adjacent to the right bulkhead frame were match drilled while the angle was in position on the bulkhead cover. The F-1207F bulkhead cover was then removed from the bulkhead frame so the last two holes could be match drilled.
Match drilling the remaining two predrilled holes in the angle into the F-1207F bulkhead cover.

After all the holes for the horizontal angle were drilled, the three screw holes were enlarged to #19. Decided it would be OK to use the jig saw outfitted with a 24 teeth per inch metal blade to make the horizontal cut in the F-1207F corrugated cover. The cut was made on the peak of the ridge on the F-1207F cover. The horizontal cut was done first followed by making the vertical cut on the band saw.
Using the jig saw outfitted with a 24 tpi blade to make the horizontal cut in the F-1207F bulkhead cover.

As mentioned in a previous post, the cut line at the bottom of the F-1207F cover needed to be offset to allow for proper edge clearances for the existing mounting screw hole. I started the cut at the midway point between the existing nutplate hole and the newly added nutplate. The necessary offset can clearly be seen in the photo below.
Finished horizontal and vertical cuts in the F-1207F baggage bulkhead cover for the modification. My finger is pointing to where the small offset is located.

Now that the bulkhead parts are cut, hoping the weather cooperates so a coat of primer can be sprayed on all the parts. Leaving for the AirVenture show in Oshkosh in just a few day, so would like to have the parts primed and coated with JetFlex.