Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Part Search Reveals More To Deburr & Prime

Thought all the deburring of parts was out of the way and now just waiting for a couple of rain free back to back days to prime and paint. Then I remembered there were some small tabs stored in a plastic storage tray that will attach to the fiberglass tail cone which will also require priming. Upon opening the storage tray discovered there was much more – all of the parts that attach the electric trim motor and linkage onto the tail cone. Those parts had been forgotten about because they were in the storage tray along with the trim motor.
Discovered empennage parts for the electric trim system that need separated on the band saw. Metal strip on the right will become the mounting tabs for the fiberglass tail cone after cutting.
Separating the F-1287D clevis plates on the band saw.

Sure glad I remembered about the tabs for the fiberglass tail cone because had I not opened that plastic storage tray looking for them, would have totally missed priming quite a few small parts that will be needed in the near future.