Saturday, October 4, 2014

Remaining Finishing Kit Parts Primed

Although not having made any posts for a few days, progress was made on the RV-12. A few more small parts were fabricated and the canopy frame along with the majority of remaining finishing kit parts (except fuel tank components) were primed. By the time all the parts were prepped and ready for priming, it was early Thursday evening and actually dark by the time the job was finished. Fortunately, all the priming was completed well ahead of the cold snap which now has DOG Aviation in its cold wet grip.
After filing the rough edges down, a 1" Scotch-Brite wheel was used to finish deburring of the WE-1219 canopy frame. The borrowed generator worked great powering the air compressor but it is noisy … hence the ear protection. Thanks again for the generator Pat & George.

The two C-1210 outside canopy lift handles were fabricated from angle stock. Care must be taken because a left and right need to be fabricated as mirror images of each other. Each lift handle receives one #30 hole the second hole will be match drilled later to the canopy frame.
Running a C-1210 canopy lift handle through the band saw.
C-1210-L&R canopy lift handles fabricated and ready for primer.
WE-1219 canopy frame and a host of other miscellaneous parts ready for Acetone cleaning, a Scotch-Brite scrubbing followed by another Acetone cleaning in preparation for priming.

Sadly, I ran out of mixed primer before all the parts were sprayed … so there are a couple of small parts remaining to prime. I’ll prime the remaining few pieces later with the airbrush and let the parts dry in a box with an incandescent light to keep the temperature warm as the parts dry.