Thursday, January 22, 2015

Parts Return From Powder Coating

While the temperatures were in the single digits, direct work on the RV-12 was suspended but planning and parts ordering continued from the warmth of the house.  Micro Molex connectors and pins were ordered and received for wiring the control sticks, along with parts for the Van’s notification regarding the addition of a canopy latch micro-switch.

Research was also done on the new Dynon SV-AP-PANEL autopilot panel which will give one button access to various autopilot settings and modes … plus the discovery that it has a built in pitch trim controller with programmable speed controller (faster trim movement at slower speeds and slower trim movement at faster speeds to reduce twitchiness). The autopilot panel also has separate inputs for the pilot and copilot trim controls along with built in safeguards such as runaway trim protection and pilot input overrides copilot inputs. With this unit installed, the RV-12’s panel mounted trim switch will be fully functional as well as the control stick switches. The trim inputs are ground activated, so the DOG Aviation RV-12 will likely be wired so the RV-12’s panel mounted switch connects to the pilot trim inputs and the wires from both of the control stick trim switches connect to the copilot inputs … that way the panel mounted trim switch will take precedence over both pilot and copilot trim switches on the control sticks.

One part that was somewhat holding up instillation of the controls is the flap handle … which was sent out for powder coating along with all the firewall forward metal parts. All the parts have now returned from powder coating and look great. Thanks RH!.
Box of powder coated parts that will be installed firewall forward.
Flap handle returned from powder coating. Although the flap handle looks more blue in the photo it is actually a deep purple and looks gorgeous.