Thursday, January 22, 2015

WD-1216 Pushrod Secured To WD-1213 Flap Handle

Now that the flap handle has returned from powder coating, decided to work on the controls a little more. The one end of the WD-1216 pushrod attaches onto the WD-1213 flap handle and the other end receives a CM-4M rod-end bearing. The plans call for adjusting the length from the flap handle body to the centerline of the CM-4M rod-end bearing to 11 25/32".
Measuring 11 25/32" from the body of the flap handle to the center of the CM-4M rod-end bearing.

Found it easier to slide a bolt through the CM-4M rod-end bearing and place a line on a piece of paper so the bolt could be visually kept square for the measurement.
Completed pushrod/flap handle assembly. A piece of paper with a line drawn on it was used as an aid to keep the CM-4M rod-end bearing square while obtaining the proper length measurement.

After the correct measurement was obtained, the parts were secured with jam nuts and a drop of blue Loctite.