Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It’s Official … The Eagle’s Registration Number is N644JG

One of the many remaining small tasks that needed to be completed prior to the upcoming inspection is placing the registration number on the bird. Decided to place the N number on the tail as opposed to on the fuselage … not sure if this will be the final position after the airplane is painted, but for the time being, it will do.

Over the last couple of years I have had quite a few N numbers reserved and had not decided on which one to use for the \RV-12. Then a year or so ago I stumbled onto N644JG and reserved it because 644 is the Van’s serial number for the DOG Aviation RV-12 and the JG being my initials … so N644JG has relevancy  on multiple levels. Also, for those not aviation savvy, when calling air traffic control over the radio, the letters in aviation call signs are said as phonic words, this is done to eliminate possible confusion between similar sounding letters … so J is said as “Juliet” and G is “Golf”.    To me, saying the words “Juliet Gulf” seemingly rolls of the tongue nicely.
Applying the registration number onto the upper portion of the vertical stabilizer.
It is official … N644JG is the registration number for the DOG Aviation eagle.

Another small task that was completed yesterday was the instillation of the data plate. The data plate is usually attached onto the fuselage and is typically either stamped or engraved. I chose to have the required information engraved on the plate as opposed to stamping letters onto it.  The data plate I used was obtained from the Experimental Aircraft Association and came in a kit including all the necessary forms required by the FAA and instructions on how to correctly fill out the forms to register the aircraft as E-AB (experimental - amateur built).