Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Hole In Instrument Panel Filled - Parking Brake Install Completed

Even though there has not been much posting activity here as of late, there has been a flurry of activity at DOG Aviation. When nearing the end of a project such as this, the FAA needs to get involved for an inspection … which requires making an appointment and filling out a seemingly endless array of forms. Once one has an appointment, it becomes clear there are many small tasks that need to be completed prior to the inspection … and not a lot of time to get them all done.

Breaking away from the paperwork for a while, finally got some need tasks completed at the hangar. One task I have been dragging my feet on was completing the parking brake instillation … not for any particular reason, just figured it was a small task that wouldn’t take long. The parking brake is a modification that was added to the DOG Aviation RV-12 many months ago but never quite completed. Fortunately, there were no bumps in the road when connecting the pull cable to the parking brake. The control knob/cable assembly was slipped into the instrument panel and the cable was purposely measured long, then removed for cutting to make it more manageable for a second more exacting measurement.
Using the Dremel outfitted with a cutting wheel to make the second and final cut on the parking brake control cable.

The decision was made to cut the outer cable 2 ½" back from the parking brake lever while it was in the full open position. Ultimately, this seemed to have worked out well because the brake works smoothly and there is enough movement of the brake lever to fully close the valve.
Parking brake knob on the instrument panel all the way in or in the “off” position. This leaves the lever on the parking brake in the full open position.
Parking brake knob on the instrument panel pulled out or in the “on” position. This pulls the lever on the parking brake to the closed position.