Sunday, October 16, 2016

Replacement ADS-B 470 Receiver Appears To Be Working Correctly

The first task of the day was to install the replacement Dynon ADS-B 470 box. Fortunately, the ADSA-B box is right on top and a snap to install now that the mounting brackets are in place … four screws, a DB-9 connector and one antenna wire later ... and it’s ready to power up.

Upon powering up the Dynon SkyView I could instantly tell there was a change for the better. The SkyView’s display area that shows warnings for items of concern in the bottom right hand corner of the screen no longer showed an entry of “ADS-B In Offline”… a good sign.
At first glance the replacement ADS-B 470 box is working much better than the old ADS-B receiver …. now the box at the bottom right of the screen that shows warnings no longer has an entry for ADS-B In. This is an improvement over the previous ADS-B receiver which had an entry showing “ADS-B In Offline”.

Entering the Dynon SkyView’s setup menus, I navigated to the setup menu for Serial Port 2 to have a look (SETUP MENU > SYSTEM SETUP > SERIAL PORT SETUP > SERIAL PORT 2 SETUP) and was pleased to find the ADS-B 470 receiver communicating with the SkyView … both the RX and TX counters were incrementing, meaning the ADS-B 470 receiver was talking to the SkyView.
As can be seen in this photo taken of the setup menu for Serial Port 2, the RX and TX counters are incrementing and there are zero errors. The bad ADS-B 470 receiver had a RX count of 0 meaning it was not talking to the SkyView.

The next check involved navigating to the ADS-B status menu (SETUP MENU > ADS-B STATUS). This is where the status was previously showing “Not Found” for the bad ADS-B receiver … Now the status field shows “No Signal” which one would expect if inside a metal hangar with the doors closed.
This photo shows the ADS-B status menu now displays the status as “No Signal” … the bad ADS-B 470 receiver had a status of “Not Found”.

I have to say the customer support experience with Dynon was excellent, both from a technical support and product support aspect. The entire turnaround for the ADS-B receiver exchange took less than a week and that was using two day shipping to traverse the US and not overnight. Kudos to Dynon’s technical support staff and great customer service.

I hope to get the carburetors balanced today, if the rains hold off long enough, along with hopefully making a long taxi trip to the compass rose on the field to calibrate the SkyView’s internal compass. With any luck, I may even be able to see some ADS-B traffic displayed on the SkyView screen.

Return from the future: Sunday, after installing the spinner with the newly installed S-1207 bushing, I updated the SkyView map database. While the SkyView was still powered up, out of curiosity, I rolled the airplane out of the hangar to see if the ADS-B receiver could pick up a signal.  It did! So now instead of the ADS-B status saying “No Signal” it now said “Receiving”. Below is a screen shot of the status page.
Once the RV-12 was rolled outside the hangar, the replacement ADS-B 470 receiver now shows the ADS-B status as “Receiving” as opposed to “No Signal”.

After putting the camera away, I thought to check if any weather could be received and displayed on the SkyView map screen. Yep, that worked great! It looked as if it were about to rain and the weather overlaid on the map screen showed moderate rain just north of the airport. Seemed to jive with what I could see from the ground. Unfortunately, I have not see any traffic displayed on the screen yet, but have a good feeling that portion will work fine as well.