Thursday, January 24, 2013

Left Wing Wiring and AOA Tubing In Place

Taking advantage of the slight bump in temperatures into the low 20’s, decided to pull the remaining wires and Tygon tubing through the previously installed nose rib grommets. It did not take long before noticing a small issue. The inboard eight ribs had SB-437-5 grommets which worked wonderfully … however the remaining outboard ribs had SB-437-4 grommets which created a “snug” fit for the two shielded wires to be connected to the nav/strobe lighting and left landing light. Once the wires were installed, the fit was snug enough the ribs could not move easily. I felt this could possibly create an issue when trying to align the ribs to the skins so replaced the SB-437-4 grommets with 437-5 grommets. Now all the ribs can be moved easily.
                                                                   Pulling in the nav/strobe shielded cable.

After all the wires were happily in place, the Tygon tubing that will be used for the Angle Of Attack indicator plumbing was installed.
                                             Pulling in the Tygon tubing that will be used for the AOA sensor.
                                              Left wing wiring and AOA tubing in place … finally!

Now that the left wing wiring and Tygon tubing is finally in place, next up … stripping the wiring and crimping connectors onto the ends of the wires … that is until my fingers get numb from the cold.