Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

New Years Eve was spent rearranging the shop a little by putting away a folding table which was used as a catch all table. Now the snow blower can be moved from the middle of the shop allowing access into the large box that contains the wing skins. The left wing’s middle skin is needed for testing the fit where the stall warning micro-switch/vane assembly passes through a slot in the leading edge of the skin.

Wanting to get the New Year started off on the right foot by making some forward progress on the RV-12, assembled the stall warning micro-switch/vane assembly per the instructions.  Winter in the shop is not fun … trying to assemble all the small hardware with gloves on was impossible but doing it with numb fingers was only marginally better. Should have fired up the heaters but figured it was hardly worth it for the small amount of time I planned on spending in the shop … although my hands and feet disagreed with that assessment.
                                           The assembled stall warning sub assembly ready to be mounted onto
                                           the W-1208 nose rib previously prepped with mounting plate nuts.

The wiring tools ordered by the DOG Aviation procurement department came in New Years Eve and consists of an automatic wire stripper along with a ratcheting crimping tool made by Tool Aid with seven changeable dies ... the part number of the Tool Aid kit is #18960. The crimping tool will crimp a host of connectors …. . both standard sizes of open barrel Molex  connector pins, standard and miniature insulated and non-insulated ring and spade crimps, Weatherpack terminals, coax cable, even spark plug connectors. Return from the future: Subsequently another die set #18937 was needed for the small .063 Molex open barrel connectors and open barrel connector pins for for tiny wire.
                                Wire strippers and Tool Aid ratcheting crimping tool with seven dies for various wire terminals.

The last item needed before riveting the skins onto the rib skeleton is the shielded cable for the strobe lights … which should be here Friday according to the shippers tracking info. After that the only hold up should be my tolerances to working in the cold holding tools that feel like blocks of ice.