Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mounting Stall Warning Assembly With Socket Head Screws

The socket head screws ordered for securing the stall warning assembly came, so decided to get into the shop for a few minutes and make the change. The size of the Allen head socket in the new screw is 9/64” … the Allen wrench I used is rather long which may be problematic when the wing is assembled. Fortunately, I have an Allen set which attaches to a small ratchet wrench down at the Southern Outpost in case further tweaking is deemed necessary during flight testing.

                                 Stall warning assembly after changing the Philips mounting screws to socket head screws … 
                                 9/64” wrench in lower screw shows accessibility, it clears the keeper plate (barely).

Feel I will come to appreciate this small modification the first time I find myself lying on my back, under the wing, trying to adjust the stall warning assembly so the stall warning alarm sounds at the correct airspeed.