Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Test Fitting Of Stall Warning Assembly

Not much time was spent in the cold shop today but did accomplish the test fitting of the stall warning assembly on the left wing. The instructions have the builder make a 5” ground wire which is attached onto one of the stall warning assembly’s mounting screws. The assembly is then mounted onto the W-1208-R nose rib that has two plate nuts on it.

After the stall warning assembly is mounted onto the rib, the W-1202-L wing skin that has the slot on the leading edge for the stall warning vane is carefully set in place and Clecoed to test the fit. The vane should move freely and not bind on the sides of the slot in the skin. Guess I got lucky because there is no binding and the vane is centered.
                                           Stall warning assembly and ground wire attached onto the W-1208-R rib
                                           that has the two nut plates. Photo taken prior to micro-switch adjustment.
                              Close up of the stall warning vane sticking through the slot in the W-1202-L wing skin.
This view shows how far the stall warning vane protrudes from the leading edge of the wing and also its slight downward angle. It’s been reported the protruding vane has quite an appetite for the pants and legs of unsuspecting souls.

Before working on the RV-12 today, I was filling the tires of DOG Aviation’s support vehicles (without gloves) so by the time the stall warning assembly was mounted and the W-1202-L skin set in place, my hands were chilled to the bone so will move onto adjusting the micro-switch/vane assembly during the next work session after the hands thaw out.