Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bottom Of Tail Cone Finished

With the tail cone coming together quickly, it was time to finish priming the remaining four skins and a couple of brackets that were not primed during the last priming session. It was a also a good time to prime because four of the tail cone skins are now on sawhorses ... so there was plenty of free space on the workbenches for the skins to dry.

After priming, work continued on the bottom components of the tail cone by riveting the lower right skin to the bottom skin. Only the rivet line where the lower right skin overlaps the bottom skin is riveted at this time ... the fuselage frames are not riveted to the skin at this time.
                                                        Riveting the lower right skin to the tail cone bottom.
                                                              Lower right skin riveted to tail cone bottom.

Two rows of rivets done … one row left to do. As with the right skin the lower left skin is only riveted to the tail cone bottom and not the fuselage ribs.
                                                Riveting the lower left skin to the tail cone bottom.
                      Finished tail cone bottom … the tail cone of the RV-12 is now permanently large.