Monday, September 3, 2012

Stabilator Receives Finishing Touches

Today not much was accomplished with the RV-12 project, however the last two items in the plans were completed. The upper and lower control horns were bolted onto the spar box … the bolts were torqued down, and then torque seal was applied to the bolts.
                                                     Upper and lower control horns bolted onto the spar box.

The last stabilator item in the plans is to attach the four lead counterweights onto the counterweight arm by match drilling the weights to the arm. Interestingly, the weights are slightly tapered and can go on the arm either way. The plans make no mention of orientation, nor do the drawings. Actually, the drawing makes it “appear” as though the narrower end of the weights attach to the counterweight arm so that is what I did.  I spent quite a bit of time online and could not find mention of the weight orientation. Probably makes no difference … but if it does, I’ll return from the future and update this post.
                                              The four lead counterweights attached to the counterweight arm.

Time to move onto the tail cone ... things are going to get big quickly!