Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tail Cone Top Skin Riveting Begins

The end of the empennage kit is in sight for the last tail cone skin left in the empennage box was the F-1278 top skin. Before riveting, there were a couple of holes that needed to be match drilled. Earlier in the build the instructions have the builder bend the outside edges of a bracket by fluting so it places a slight curve on the outer edges of the bracket.

The match drilling is necessary to place holes in the bracket were the curve was made so it was necessary to Cleco the top skin onto the tail cone assembly so the bracket could be match drilled to the top skin.
                                  The holes that need match drilled are to the left and right of the stubby Clecos.
                                                          Match drilling the F-1210C bracket to the top skin.
                                    Tail cone’s top skin clecoed in place and ready for riveting with flush rivets.

Yet another soggy day at DOG Aviation, perfect for settling into another long session of R&R  … nothing like riveting & rain while listening to classic rock & roll. Before the top skin is riveted to the fuselage frames and F-1279 L&R skins, the instructions call for a few items to be riveted onto the top skin first.   The F-12106 forward skin rib, left and right ADAHRS mounting brackets and the F1283-C stiffener are all riveted onto the top skin.
                                                  Riveting the F-1283-C “J” stiffener in place on the top skin.
                                                       Beginning the riveting on the right side of the top skin.
                               Right side of top skin finished … left side should be completed next work session.

Although there is one more side of the top skin yet to be riveted, it feels good knowing the empennage crate is now empty and all the major empennage components are nearly completed.
                                                      Empty empennage crate – signaling the wing kit is next.