Friday, September 7, 2012

Dimpling Of Tail Cone Components Begins

                                      The tail cone fuselage frames are constructed from left and right sections.
After finishing up with the deburring of all the left and right fuselage frames, work began on fluting the frames which basically, from what I’ve read online, less is more in this instance. I just lightly fluted the one edge on each frame that has the long line of holes on the solid flange to get those holes all in alignment. Once the two halves are riveted together, they may need some additional tweaking.

Once the frames were lightly fluted, work began on the dimpling process for the flush rivets being used on the RV-12 project.  All of the flanges on all the tail cone’s fuselage frames were dimpled. There are four rivet holes on the top of the rear bulkhead and four rivet holes on the top of the aft most fuselage frame that technically don’t need to be dimpled because those locations will be hidden when the vertical stabilizer is in place … I chose to dimple for consistency.
                                                    Dimpling a fuselage frame section for flush rivets using
                                                      the pneumatic squeezer clamped onto the workbench.

Did not get to dimpling any of the skins today but did get some of the blue plastic film removed from them along the rivet lines in preparation for lots of dimpling tomorrow.