Monday, March 4, 2013

Bottom Center Wing Skin Positioned For Riveting

Today the W-1202-L bottom center skin was positioned onto the left wing skeleton and prepared for riveting by removing the blue protective film along the rivet lines with a solder iron.
                         Jan helping position the W-1202-L bottom center skin in place on the left wing skeleton.
            Using a soldering iron to melt lines adjacent to the rivet holes so the blue protective can be pealed away.

Once the blue film was pealed away from the rivet lines, the skin was Clecoed in place. Before riveting the skin in place, there are yet a couple of items that need to be addressed. This skin has an inspection hole for accessing the stall warning indicator assembly and the yet to be drilled port for the angle of attack indicator plumbing (which needs to be installed as well). The access port receives a few nutplates which secure the cover plate and the holes  for the cover plate screws require dimpling because the screws are flat head with tapered sides. Figuring on doing this now so if something goes awry, it won’t be necessary to remove a slew of rivets to replace the skin.
Clecoing the W-1202-L skin in place readying it for riveting. It is actually starting to look like an airplane wing now.