Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inboard Top Skin Readied For Riveting

The project keeping me away from the RV-12 turned out to be quite a time sucking abyss and took far longer to complete than originally thought … but now I’m finally free to brave the cold and spend my free time focusing on the RV-12 once again.

Today was spent tying up a few lose ends that needed attention and preparing the W-1201B-L top skin for riveting. First the skin was temporarily set in place to facilitate removing the blue plastic protective film from the rivet lines.
Using a soldering iron to remove the plastic film from the rivet lines on the W-1201B-L inboard upper wing skin.

After removing the blue film from along the rivet lines, the skin was removed to facilitate spraying zinc chromate primer on the two edges which will be overlapped. After a quick drying by way of a heat gun, the W-1201B-L wing skin was set back in place by lifting the aft end of the skin until the J-stiffener built into the front edge of the skin slipped into the locking cutouts on the W-1208 nose ribs.
                            Raising the aft edge of the W-1201B-L upper wing skin to allow the J-stiffener built into
                            the forward edge of the skin to drop into the locking cutouts on the W-1208 nose ribs.

Once the W-1201B-L skin was properly positioned, it was clecoed onto the left wing skeleton assembly. Next the W-1201 bottom skin, which had been left loose, is clecoed onto the W-1208 nose ribs. This bottom skin wraps around the nose ribs forming the wing's leading edge and then overlaps the W1201B-L inboard upper skin.
                                             Securing the W-1201B-L inboard upper skin in place with Clecoes.
                                The W-1201B-L inboard upper wing skin Clecoed in place and ready for riveting.