Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Left Wing’s Three Main Bottom Skins Are Now Riveted In Place

The W-1202-L bottom skin has a few locations that are not riveted at this time. They consist of the leading edge rivets, the outboard edge where the wing tip skin will overlap and at the flaperon bracket location. The riveting went nicely without any surprises.
                                               Setting the first rivet on the W-1202-L bottom center wing skin.
                                 Midway through riveting the W-1202-L lower skin ... riveting the skin onto the spar.
                           On the home stretch … setting the last row of W-1202-L skin rivets into the rear spar.

Finally finished riveting the W-1202-L skin, which means the three main bottom skins are now permanently riveted onto the left wing skeleton! I’m very pleased with the way the wing is progressing.
                      All of the main bottom skins for the RV-12’s left wing are now permanently riveted in place.

There are some smaller skins that will need to be riveted in place along the outboard edge of the left wing plus the outboard hand hold. It won’t be long and the wing assembly will be ready to turn over.