Saturday, March 30, 2013

Left Wing Leading Edge Closeout Complete

Today the first order of business was placing the W-1201C-L wing walk doubler into position on the wing using Clecoes. Now the upper surface of the entire left wing is ready to begin final closeout riveting.
                                              Left wing with all main top skins clecoed in position for riveting.

                                                  Riveting the leading edge of the wing in place.

                                                Setting the last rivet in the row where the bottom skins overlap
                                                 the top skins ... thus completing the left wing’s leading edge.

By this time I was tired of bending over so thought it was a good quiting point for the day. Good progress for the day overall. Oh, notice the lack of "Nanook of the North" clothing ... today was the first 50 degree day in a very long time making it a joy to work in the shop, although the sore muscles may disagree.