Thursday, March 28, 2013

Left Wing’s Top Skins Readied For Closeout

Today’s activities resulted in forward progress as the RV-12’s three upper skins are now positioned for riveting. The W-1201B inboard top skin was set in place a few days ago so today the W-1203B outboard upper skin was prepared for riveting by removing the blue protective film from the rivet lines followed by priming the areas that will be overlapped with zinc chromate primer.
                                                 Positioning the W-1203B outboard top skin to allow the built
                                                 in J-stiffener to slip into the cutouts on the W-1208 nose ribs.

After the W-1203B skin was in position, it was secured onto the left wing skeleton with Clecos.
                                Securing the W-1203B outboard top skin onto the left wing’s skeleton with Clecos.

The W-1202B center top skin is the last of the main top skins to be installed onto the left wing’s skeleton. The W-1202B skin overlaps the W-1201B and W-1203B inboard and outboard top skins, but is tucked under the aft edge of the W-1202 skin. Therefore, the forward row of rivets on this skin is the only portion that is overlapped and thus requiring primer. Zinc chromate primer was sprayed onto the skin outside and the skin was then brought inside to be flash dried using a heat gun. One nicety about using a self etching primer, such as PTI’s zinc chromate,  it can be flash dried by carefully using a heat gun.
                                         Flash drying the primed forward edge of the W-1202B center top skin.

After flash drying the primer, the top center skin was set in position for removal of the blue protective film along the rivet lines. Ran out of free time so will finish up removing the blue film with a soldering iron and then Cleco the W-1202B skin onto the left wing skeleton tomorrow.
               My better half, Jan, helping to hold up the aft edge of the W-1202 skin out of the way so the J-stiffener
               on the W-1202B center top skin could be dropped into the cutouts on the W-1208 nose ribs.
                                                           Looking more and more like an airplane wing.