Monday, April 14, 2014

Fuel Line Pressure Test Completed

After changing the pressure gauge to one capable of handling higher pressures, rebuilding the manifold, properly torquing the test loop fittings and fixing the last of the small leaks in the test loop … the fuel line pressure held steady. The pressure was brought up to 11 psi and for the last 48 hours the pressure has not gone below 10 psi and is now fluctuating with the temperatures in the shop. This is a good sign and indicates there is now a closed system with no leaks.
After 48 hours, the fuel line pressure is fluctuating between 10 and 11 psi depending on temperatures in the shop.

Now that the fuel lines are holding pressure, feel better about continuing on with more vigor. Admittedly, there has been a fair amount of procrastination taking place as of late while trying to determine the best way to continue with the project. It all hinges around the side skins and wanting to keep them off as long as possible for easier access. Another issue to figure out is the best way to run a static line up to the instrument panel for the airspeed and altitude indicator which will be installed as backups.