Friday, April 18, 2014

Nutplates Riveted Onto Instrument Panel Base

A day of running errands left little time for being in the shop but nevertheless, some more forward progress was made on the RV-12 build. The first order of business was to finish up the riveting of the F-1202M-L&R canopy attach doublers onto the F-1202H-L&R canopy ribs.
Using the pneumatic squeezer to rivet the F-1202M canopy doubler onto a F-1212H canopy rib.
 Finished F-1202 M canopy ribs ready for install.

Keen eyed builders may note the F-1202M canopy doublers have JetFlex finish paint on them … this was due to a moment of mental pause last fall when rushing to get all the parts primed and painted. For some reason that can’t be explained, the canopy doublers were finish painted which is unnecessary because the part will not be seen from inside the cockpit. Oh well … looks good though.

The F-1202B instrument panel base receives 20 nutplates along the aft flange. As usual, each nutplate had a screw lubricated with Boelube run into it prior to instillation. Because the plans call for dimpling the nutplate rivet holes, prior to riveting, all 20 nutplates required dimpling as well.
Running a stainless 6-32 screw lubed with Boelube into a nutplate with an electric screwdriver.
Riveting one of 20 nutplates onto the rear flange of the F-1202B instrument panel base.
All 20 nutplates riveted onto the aft flange of the F-1202B instrument panel base.

The F-1202B instrument panel base receives a few more nutplates but ran out of time so will finish up that during the next work session.