Sunday, April 20, 2014

Installation Of WH-00046 Wire Harness Continues

Although an abbreviated Holiday work session, some more progress was made on the instillation of the W-00046 wire harness. To insure enough cable slack to route above the rudder pedal assembly Van’s marks the W-00046 harness with two red locating bands which are used to aid in correctly positioning the harness. The red band closest to the connector at the instrument panel end is to be positioned at the grommet in the F-1202B instrument panel base. The second band is positioned at the grommet in the F1202F bulkhead which is aft of the fuel flow sensor. For reference, the first red band is located 23" from the connector and the second band is located 62" from the connector. I took these measurements last week for a fellow builder … now I know why he needed them. If not extremely careful, the red bands have a propensity to snag on the grommets and while pushing the cable, the cable will continue moving but the positioning band can stay hung up … thus messing up the positioning.  Ask me how I know.
The WH-00046 cable forward of the F-1203A bulkhead grommet is in final position. Working the cable further aft, slowly but surely.

Discovered an unexpected, but welcomed surprise. The RV-12 has an external audio jack! … it is located between the seats on the F-1203A bulkhead. Knew there was a 12 volt cigarette lighter type of a power source in that area, but did not realize there was also an audio jack for connecting an MP3 player or other audio source.
Auxiliary audio jack in my hand goes into the hole my finger is pointing to. An unexpected nicety.