Friday, December 11, 2015

Center Instrument Panel Cutouts Completed

Before tearing into the Rotax engine so it can be prepared for mounting, decided to continue on and finish up with the hand filing of the mounting cutouts in the center instrument panel section for the Dynon AP & Knobs panels. The cutout for the AP panel received a little more filing to improve the overall fit and then work began on the cutout for the Knobs panel. The filing for the Knobs panel went much faster than it did for the AP panel because of knowing the cutout needs to be taken to the edges of the corner holes before there is any hope of sliding the panels onto the cutouts.
Finished cutouts for the Dynon AP and Knobs panels.

Of course, I couldn’t let the opportunity to fill the holes pass by so placed the AP & Knobs panels in the newly creates slots along with the backup airspeed indicator to make sure they all played nicely together … they do.
Modified center instrument panel section with the Dynon AP & Knobs panels in place along with the backup airspeed indicator. Amazingly, all three fit nicely together.

All that is left to do is drill the rivet holes for the nutplates used to mount the two Dynon panels and also drill four holes for the airspeed indicator and it is off to powder coating.  In fact, the two Dynon panels could just as easily be installed with screws and nuts as opposed to riveting nutplates onto the center panel … and that is likely just what I will do.

Later this work session, I beginning the process of preparing the Rotax engine for instillation. Unbelievably, an amazing amount or parts need to be removed from the engine so the air shroud can be installed … and then the parts reassembled again. Plus a couple of modifications are required. More on that in future posts .. good fun!