Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Instrument Panel Cutout Tweaked To Accept Backup Altimeter

As mentioned in the previous post, it was discovered that the shaft for the adjustment knob on the backup altimeter is positioned such that a slot needed to be crafted to allow the instrument to be nested in the instrument panel. Looking closely at the photo below one can see how the shaft for the adjustment knob touches the flange on the instrument that would normally be inserted into the 2 1/4" hole in the panel … thus requiring the need to cut a slot for the shaft to protrude through the panel.
One can see the shaft for the adjustment knob on the UMA altimeter touches the flange on the instrument. This necessitates creating a slot in the instrument panel for the shaft to protrude through.

To create the slot, a Dremel outfitted with a cutting wheel was used to begin the slot. This was followed by abundant use of small jewelers files to slowly shape the slot until the altimeter seated nicely in the panel.
Backup altimeter sitting in its soon to be permanent home. The hand filed slot was made just slightly bigger than the instrument’s shaft.

Now having a functional mounting cutout for the altimeter, the right instrument panel was temporarily installed so the altimeter could be set in place for a test fit to verify clearances in the vicinity of the muffin fan.  Fortunately, there is enough clearance now that installing the fitting for the static air line should no longer be an issue.

Although there is not an abundance of extra room in the vicinity of the muffin fan, the static port (one with the red plug) on the altimeter clears the muffin fan nicely … although, for this photo the angle of the camera makes it appear as though there is less clearance than there actually is.

All that is left to do with the right instrument panel section is rivet the glove box in place and send the assembly out for powder coating.

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