Friday, January 8, 2016

Modified B & C Ground Block Installed

Just as a follow up to yesterdays post, was able to drill the remaining #12 hole for the second mounting screw that secures the modified B & C grounding blocks. A pneumatic angle drill was used with a step drill to enlarge the pilot hole to #12 from the forward side of the firewall.  After the holes were deburred, the two grounding blocks were bolted onto the forward and aft sides of the firewall. The 5/16" stud for the battery and starter ground is made of brass, so caution needs to be taken when torquing because brass is torqued to a lower value than steel. I ended up torquing the 5/16" bolt to 100 inch pounds which is a few pounds under the recommended value for brass.
The modified B & C ground block on the forward side of the firewall.
The modified B & C ground block on the aft side of the firewall.

This modification should work out quite well to establish a good solid airframe ground. The ground lead from the battery and the starter will connect directly onto the 5/16" brass stud and the spade leads will be available as grounding points for sensors, etc. The only down side is that both the starter and battery ground cables will need to be made longer to get to the grounding stud on the firewall. Where is that cable stretcher when you need it?

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