Saturday, January 16, 2016

Map Box Assembled & Riveted Onto F-00035 Instrument Panel

No longer stranded without a vehicle, was able to make it to the hangar and get a little work completed. The task for the day was completing the riveting of the map box so it could be attached onto the right instrument panel section. The map box has already been match drilled to the F-00035 instrument panel along with the hinge and door assembly well. The necessary countersinking of the F-00035 panel and map box door was also completed long ago … so all that was left to do was rivet the pieces together. Decided it would look better if the pieces were riveted together now so when they are powder coated, the rivets will be coated as well.

The map box final assembly begins with riveting the hinge onto the map box door using AN426AD3-4 rivets. This is followed by riveting the two halves of the map box together using LP4-3 rivets.
Using the pneumatic rivet puller to rivet the two map box halves together with LP4-3 pop rivets. It has been a long time since hearing the swoosh followed by a pop as a pop rivet sets ... the sound of progress when building the RV-12.

After the two map box halves were riveted together, the completed map box shell is then riveted onto the F-00035 right instrument panel section. The plans would have the builder use a 3”yoke and set solid rivets where the yoke can reach … this leaves five rivets that the 3” yoke can’t reach … which need to be pop rivets.  Wanting a more uniform look for the DOG Aviation RV12’s instrument panel, decided to install solid rivets in ALL the rivet holes so when the panel is powder coated it will look uniform. The shop has a rivet gun and all the associated goodies, so  decided why not use the rivet gun to back rivet the map box onto the F-00035 panel so solid rivets could be used exclusively for a uniform look. Blew the dust off the rivet gun, the back riveting plate and the long back rivet set.
Using the rivet gun and long back rivet set to back rivet the AN426AD3-3.5 rivets that attach the map box onto the F-00035 instrument panel. There is a back riveting plate under the F-00035 panel which keeps the rivet seated in the countersink while being back riveted.

The back riveting turned out great and makes for a nicer finished look than the pop rivets would have been. The rivets used were all AN426AD3-3.5 rivets except for the two rivets that attach the  HW212-12 Camloc receptacle to the assembly … they were AN426AD3-4.5 rivets.
Completed attachment of the map box assembly onto the F-00035 right instrument panel section using all solid rivets. I elected not to rivet the map box door onto the assembly at this time to make it easier for the powder coater.

With the riveting of the map box assembly onto the F-00035 right instrument panel completed, all three of the panel sections are now ready to be sent out for powder coating along with the modified throttle bracket and the WD-1233L&R steps.